Jim and Jillian Dellit established this website to bring together their various endeavours, to engage with and contribute to the educational community and educational delivery. Jillian is continuing this work both in her own right, and to keep faith with Jim's life, 1947-2014, and their productive partnership 1970-2014.

Monthly Archives: October 2011

October 31

Doing time: do Australian working class kids need more time at school? posted by Jim in ACARA, Education policy, Education reform, equity, Primary schooling, Secondary schooling, technology in education, Uncategorized

In September this year, six Chicago Public Schools joined an increasing movement in the United States and Canada to extend the amount of time students spend in contact with their teachers, and school-based learning.  In 2012, all Chicago public schools will … Continue reading

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October 5

Improving student participation in education beyond school posted by Jillian in Education reform, Primary schooling, Secondary schooling

In last week’s blog,  Alan Bevan agreed  the McKinsey Report was on the money in terms of system inputs, but raised the issue what the student brings. It was therefore with great interest that I read one of the latest … Continue reading

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