Jim Haynes and Jillian Dellit, Great Australian Aviation Stories, ABC.



Jillian Dellit 17 Morgan Street West Hindmarsh: A Brief History.  




6896770-0f742314a23be07af639fa334cf2969cJillian Dellit  Jillian in the UK 2015  ebook and print book




Jillian D6858771-37c23e5992d830b9efa29d17e19413f9ellit, Scottish Highlands Embroidery Tour 2015 ebook and print book



Jillian Dellit, A Courage of Adieus: Albert Edward Ray 1891-1962ebook and print book



coverJillian Dellit  My Joyful Schooldays, print book and ebook.




Jim Dellit The quest for quality and equity in SA curriculum’ (Chap 8) in Yates, L. Collins, C. O’Connor, K. Australia’s Curriculum Dilemmas, Melbourne University Press, 2011




Jim Dellit, Key Competencies and schooling in South Australia’ in Collins, C. Competencies: The competencies debate in Australian education and training, Australian College of Education, 1993


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